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Kingfisher Parchment Crafts | Offering tuition in parchment, online or in person.

Zoom classes are now available on a Tuesday morning or a Wednesday afternoon, twice a month on the 2nd and 4th weeks. These are just £5 each. Please email for further details.

A new award scheme is being introduced by the Association of parchment crafters, where your parchment craft work can be assessed and feedback given by way of a personal video. The work will be assessed by myself – Alison Yeates, and Wendy Stone; we both have over 20 years experience of teaching and judging / assessing parchment craft work. The scheme is not sponsored, so any make of parchment tool or grid etc. can be used. See link pages for web site details https://www.parchmentcraftawardscheme.com/

Non UK customers please email your order so postage rates can be calculated.

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